Commercial Mortgage Loans | Bulk Foreclosed & Off-Market Real Estate at Wholesale Prices


We are NOT hiring any new employees.  If you were advised that First Metropolitan Financial Group LLC is hiring new employees, that is FALSE!   We do not know whether that is some sort of a scam, or simply a confusion with another company having a similar name.  Please be careful!

Commercial Mortgage Loans

We are a Commercial Mortgage Broker offering Commercial Mortgage Loans through various Commercial Mortgage LendersAs a commercial mortgage broker, we offer Commercial Mortgage Loans for various types of properties, including:

•Apartment Buildings

•Multi-Family Properties

•Office Buildings

•Mixed Use Properties


•Strip Malls

•Owner Occupied Commercial Property

•Other Investment Properties

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Bulk Foreclosed & Off-Market Real Estate at Wholesale Prices

As a broker, we attempt to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers of foreclosed & off-market real estate at wholesale prices.


Selling prices are substantially below market value.

Current market conditions present a unique opportunity for hedge fund managers & other well qualified cash investors.

Qualified investors can purchase bulk packages of foreclosed properties & off-market real estate at wholesale prices.

Residential (1 to 4 family houses) or commercial properties.

Build your real estate portfolio at prices well below market value.

If you are a hedge fund manager, or serious real estate investor with large liquid assets to invest in bulk REO properties, we invite you to contact us.


For maximum efficiency, we prefer to deal directly or almost directly with the bulk REO investors. Furthermore, our contacts on the seller’s side enable us to deal directly or almost directly with various banks and institutional sellers. Nevertheless, on any particular transaction, there may be several people separating the investor from the seller. This will not hinder the completion of the REO purchase, provided we are given direct access to the buyer or to a person close to the buyer.


Attention Brokers: We are happy to work with the buyer or buyer’s representative who deal directly with the buyer.  NCND agreements will be signed to protect any brokers involved.

We seek to avoid broker chains since they are usually cumbersome and are the deals least likely to close. Understandably, if our attempt to contact the investor takes 3 days to complete due to lengthy broker chains, it will be almost impossible to complete a particular transaction.


The information in this website does not constitute an offer to sell any properties. Actual terms of sale are contained in the documents supplied by the sellers. The discounts offered to qualified buyers are conditioned upon the purchaser’s compliance with the procedures established by the sellers.